Writer and Designer

I was questioning whether I was actually a writer seeing as though I wasn't spitting out pages and pages of content for clients. It is clear however that people don't have time to sit and read article after article these days, that you only have a few words to work with to make someone take action, and that 3 words can be just as powerful as three pages of words if used correctly.

To make my words pop I use imagery and tone. I mainly use Canva and may some day use a more sophisticated design program. I love the creativity involved and find it even more addictive than scrolling social media, binge watching Netflix or playing a popular MMORPG. I literally find myself with dry, itchy eyes way past my bedtime creating social media posts and muttering to myself 'one more, just one more; in a cyclical fashion as I pretend to look at the time and fail to register it.

This is the most productive addiction I have ever had, even more so than being borderline OCD when it comes to chores. I might just allow myself to be overcome and deal with the success later 😉.


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