Where the !@#$ am I going?

When I decided I wanted to follow my dreams, I didn't realise it would be so damn dark along the way. Trip hazards freaking everywhere, a whole bunch of nothing, and the roaring silence of no-one caring.

What I learned along the way was how to navigate the darkness, I memorised my way around and started ending up exactly where I wanted to be. When I got there I noticed that the people who had arrived before me were holding lanterns and could easily see where they were going. I complained that I had been stumbling around in the dark and that none of them had come to help.

"We didn't know you were there" they said, "we can only see as far as our lanterns". It was then that I realised, I could've asked for help. If I had only called out for long enough to be heard.

When it is unclear where you are headed. Ask for help. Let someone light the way.

I'm lit up and listening.


The Firelight Creative 🔥