When your passion becomes your profession

Lucky for us, there are a few keys to fulfilment Some of them a short lived and some are lasting.

If you are enlightened enough, you might be able to call upon this feeling at any time. For the rest of us, the key to lasting fulfilment is to spend our time doing what we are most passionate about.

The formula for this is to identify your passion and determine how you can do this, most of the time. Your passion might be something that funds your life adequately to continue. Your passion might need fundraising to work, and this will fuel your passion further. Your passion might even be helping other people with theirs.

Some people believe that their profession is their passion, that because they are really great at what they do, it must be their calling in life. This isn't always truly the case; so take some time to reflect on whether you fill up your days with what you love. If not, take small steps to pursue your dreams, and when you realise them, it will occur to you that not only can you have what you want in this life, you should've done it sooner.


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