We see things as we are

When you see something, you generally assume it is the same for everyone else. What we agree on in reality might be similar, what we don't agree on will surely be vastly different.

Our lens of viewing the world is a product of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. It is moulded by our culture, our family, our childhood and our past.

Our opinions are created from our experience and by the influence of others.

We do not see things as they are. We attach meaning to everything.

A red traffic light does not mean stop. We agree that it does. And by 'we' I mean us <humans> that live in the developed world. What about people that have never seen a red traffic light? What about those who have not been taught to agree about meaning?

A red traffic light is not even 'red' we just call it that. We agree that it is something we see that is called 'red'.

Of course, agreeing that a red traffic light means stop is important in our society for safety and order, it's a useful agreement, but it is essentially part of who we are as the people that live in a society that uses traffic lights which is most of the developed world. The meaning is the same across countries and languages and cultures. It's a big agreement.

But what about culture, religion, art, humour and love? We see things as we are. When you know this you hold an amazing perspective, you become an interpreter of reality and a voice for all people. Woah.


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