Upgrade your belief

I have always downgraded my dreams. As someone who thrives on achievement, it is easy to make the goal more attainable to get the hit of dopamine that comes with achievement. This is the same feeling you get when you do things like play computer games, finish a series on Netflix, look proudly at a room you just tidied or submit a piece of your work.

This is the reason why it has taken me too long to get t where I am now, and I wish that I had realised it sooner. No matter how successful I have been I have been missing something, experiencing that all too common divine dissatisfaction, the passion was missing.

Passion is what lights you up, allows you to run on empty, fills up your emotional bank account. It is felt often by children, people in love, people with strong values, people who give their all and of course people who are creating at a level that allows them to be true to themselves.

Naturally, we do what we believe we can do. And sometimes we limit what we believe so we don't feel let down or disappointed. But time waits for no one, and you can spend your whole life being mediocre for the sake of comfort. Comfort that isn't even really that comfortable when you're honest with yourself. If you ever find yourself wishing for the freedom of being a child again, don't. Just remember what lights you up and do it.

Join a dance class. Find a sporting team. Paint. Play. Sing. Explore. Because when you find your passion for life again, you will believe in you again. And when your beliefs match your passion, your reality will suddenly be the stuff that your dreams are made of. Not your adjusted, downgraded dreams. Your real dreams, the ones you've had all along.


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