The twilight​ zone

So most of the memes coming out at this time of the year are referencing the weird time between Christmas and new year when you don't know what day it is or what you are supposed to be doing. I kind of agree, but I am also greatly savouring each moment with my family, and loving having a bit of time freedom to potter about with my side hustle.

The more time to work, the greater clarity I gain on defining my areas of expertise, and building new skills. It's summer in Australia so I am also lucky enough to have sunshine and hot weather perfect for water fights and swimming. Bliss.

I kind of get the feeling that we only get this one week a year so we all don't walk off the job and start living our best life. The option is still there though, so I will be chasing it in my usual gradual fashion, nd so should you. Let's aim for this 'in between' week to be business as usual! Ahhh feel that sweet motivation?


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