The firelight creative process

I started to wonder what services I was actually offering. I knew I could do all of the things that I was offering on my list but I was still in discovery mode, ready to give anything a red hot go. What I realised is that I still didn't know all that I was capable of but I was sure on one thing. Being a creative professional has a very clearly defined process, it might jump back and forth in between but essentially has there stages.

1. Consult. Talking to people about what they want and need.

2. Create. Create something to show your understanding of the want and needs and make changes as necessary.

3. Deliver. Reach the point where no more changes are required. If the client has other work they want completed, go back to step 1.

When I hit step 3 I make sure the content goes out into the world before I start the process again. I happily share content for my clients to expand the amount of exposure they get and I get to have a little show off myself. At such an early stage in my journey I am starting to wonder, what will my work look like in the years to come, what a thrilling thought...


The Firelight Creative 🔥