The Creative Spark

Have you seen someone start a campfire? If you want a fire that sustains itself, you first have to collect the various types of combustibles, then you have to lay and set them up ideally, get the spark to catch the kindling long enough to light the fuel wood, and on occasion provide more fuel to the glowing embers. The fire provides light and warmth and draws everyone together.

The catalyst is the spark. We carry this spark with us at all times, it's part of our survival kit.

Why then do we shiver and cower in the dark and cold all the while with a spark in our pocket?

Do you know it is there? Or have you forgotten? Perhaps you need to re-learn how to use it, maybe it's like riding a bike. Get it out now and try it.

Ah. there it is. 🔥


The Firelight Creative 🔥

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