The branding ceremony

With the western world as it is today, weddings are big money earners for businesses and big branding ceremonies for couples. And why shouldn't a couple establish themselves as a brand publicly before they enter the next phase of their lives, it's a personal choice and an admirable one whether a couple chooses to be married and also have a ceremony.

After working in the content space, the reality of a wedding as a branding ceremony is clear.

The theme, the colours, the guest list, the music, the venues, and the budget are set.

The first piece of content that goes out is the save the date or invitation. It sets the tone.

My wedding invitation was made by my husband and I and was very personalised, it was a big hit and one of my most treasured pieces of wedding memorabilia to look back on, even more so than my dress.

My advice is to view that invitation as a declaration of yourself as a couple and think outside of the box.

I can help with that.


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