Stop wishing, Start doing.

I will never mutter the words 'I wish' before anything ever again.

There is a reason you make wishes when you blow out your birthday candles as a child. To create hope and to give you a sense of control over your world, to clarify what it is you truly desire. As an adult, I wish is just another way to say, I want without doing anything to achieve it. That doesn't mean you are lazy, unable or incapable of doing something it just means that you haven't done act you need to do to achieve it, yet.

I always wished I had been a writer or a painter or a dancer as a living. They never paid enough and I had my work cut out to find the security in my life financially that I had never known growing up. What I didn't realise until recently how much control I have over this. That life does not happen to you, that you are living it by design, consciously or not.

Take one step no matter how small towards your dreams every day. Because those who are wishing are not doing, or they would not be wishing in the first place.


The Firelight Creative 🔥