Start the fire

Consider that the moment you are born is like the striking of a match. You come to vivd life as a flame embodying the match, and burning brightly, you dance, you dim, you consume oxygen, you provide warmth. Some flames flicker in the air, some fade and grow, some die and cannot be re-lit. The ones that stand up to their environment live until they have consumed and burned up the very last of the match.

Consider that this is how your passions and ideas are also born, that they require the same level of intent, concentration and care to keep the flame alive. Imagine that this match is the last match in the box and sitting in a pile of darkened match stick you are faced with the pressure of keeping this flame alive.

This is how you honour your dreams. Focus, strike, secure and endure.

Do everything you can to protect your flame.


The Firelight Creative 🔥