Start the Fire

Video is apparently the most engaging type of content. Before I can do something for someone else I have to do it myself so, you guessed it, I started researching.

While looking through video creator Promo I came across a song that contained the lyrics 'start the fire'. It was another one of those popcorn moments. What a brilliant tagline for me. It was meant to be.

I spent forever browsing Promo's custom options and made up a video that I loved and then quickly realised that I would have to pay to use it. I tried to recreate the video on iMovie and the visuals were probably even better but I was so drawn to the lyrics of the song in Promo that I ended up forking out the forty bucks anyway. I don't regret it.

And the statistics are in, yes the video has received more activity then any static post I have made. Now to wait until I can make another video on my 1 x video a month Promo plan.


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