Start before you are ready

How long should one tinker away at a website or social media page before they shout out from the rooftops that they have 'started' something new?

I don't know for sure, but don't take too long. I've been overwhelmed by how much momentum is gained from sharing my dreams and possibilities with others. What was an idea has quickly snowballed into something I could have only ever imagined.

It is also a myth to be 'ready to start', especially in this digital age. A website, for example, is an ever evolving thing, and social media pages need daily maintenance to maintain interest. I have learned so much by doing things for myself and have grown exponentially in a very short period of time.

I have discovered my love of content strategy and social media copywriting. Using tools readily available online I have tried my hand at graphic design, and you know what? I'm not bad for a beginner! I find creating graphics and coupling them with words to be very relaxing, akin to colouring in.

So my advice is that whatever it is you'd like to do, and as cliches as it sounds, just do it, start before you're ready, because if you're waiting until you are ready, you might never start at all.

start before you are ready


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