Standing out from the crowd

In my previous post, I wrote about how standing out is really just being true to yourself, because due to our differences, there will always be someone who's looking for you, as you are, which is perfect for them.

Standing out does not require effort in the 'art of standing out' it requires effort in the 'art of being you' and working towards what you want to achieve organically. Also, your perception of what stands out will likely deter you from sanding out the way you should and actually hide you form the sight of those who are searching for you.

There is some trust then, that you need to have in the universe, that by honouring your true self and working hard to achieve your goals, you will, unbeknownst to yourself, transform into a beacon of light for those that would follow you.

So work hard, trust the process, and know that you may not know when you have emerged on the other side.

Are you being true to you? Need some advice?


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