Spelling and success

The online world is full of self appointed grammarians. Some are actively calling out bad spelling and grammar and some cannot quieten the inner critic. Many a post has not been shared nor liked due to the internal grating that occurs, when those who have a particular appetite for perfect prose, come across a brilliant meme containing a spelling mistake or missing a comma.

If you have an online presence, it can be instantly tarnished with something like a spelling error. Just like in real life, if you leave the wrong impression, your potential clients and customers will quickly move on and not return. Put simply, if you don't care about your spelling, your customer will think that you won't care about them either. Bad spelling is bad for business.

You have two instant options, run your content through a word processor like Microsoft Word or install an app on your phone or computer like Grammarly. If you aren't confident of your spelling, then take out the hassle of checking. If you use any kind of analytics you should see an improvement in your reach and participation.

Importantly, do your best but don't get caught up if you publish a mistake, being human is also cool, showing you are one is by no means the end of the world. You will slip up, we all do 😳


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