Simple things in beautiful forms

The mind delights in beautiful things regardless of what they are made of. Last year, I was on holiday in a seaside town and saw a brightly coloured mural that was so wonderful it left me speechless. On closer inspection, the mural was made of different coloured bottle tops and its plaque was promoting recycling, I liked it even more.

My point is, we can all create simple things in beautiful forms with effort, persistence and commitment to some form of repetitive creation. What you create might seem to you to be like a wall of rubbish to start with, but when you finally take a step back you will see that you have created something to be proud of and that will be enjoyed by others, some of who you will never connect with.

So, don't give up, keep being you and know that you are making your mark on this vast world. Somewhere along the way, whether you know it or not, you will leave someone touched, moved or inspired.

That person might even be you.


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