Showing up!

Here I am, showing up. Every day, in every way, making it happen, whether I feel like it or not.

There are things we do religiously that over time amount to something special. Things like saving a little bit of money each week, reading a bedtime story to our children each night, even just getting out of bed each morning and going to work. These seemingly insignificant things end up somewhere that isn't as clear at the time of action. Having saved enough money to travel overseas, a confident kindergarten reader, a promotion or new job opportunity.

It's not the big efforts that change our lives so much as the little ones. The same goes for the opposite kind of results, having a relax after work with your favourite show each day, treating yourself to a coffee and a muffin each morning, putting off what we want to do and making unkept promises to people even with the best of intentions. These things also add up over time and have their own, often negative, consequences.

What small actions are you taking on a regular basis, and what could be the resulting impact in your life?

It doesn't have to be hard to show up, especially if you believe in the beauty of your dreams.


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