Showing gratitude

The likes and follows started flooding from my social media, and I was overcome with disbelief followed by gratitude. People make people. People make business. You cannot be a Lone Ranger in this world.

The support of others is invaluable, it also goes to show its a good idea to be a nice person, for those who appreciate you will go the extra mile to support you without being asked. The feeling you get when someone shares your new business' post and even spruces for you without being asked is overwhelming. It doesn't feel real. I had to ask myself what I had been waiting for all of these years and what had I actually been afraid of. Not only had my self esteem been boosted but my faith in people was skyrocketing, in turn I really wanted to make a difference and use my business to help other who wanted to make a difference.

Writing is what makes me happy, not money. Making other people happy is an added layer of contentment. Surrounded by those that cared, I knew that I was on the right path.


The Firelight Creative 🔥