Protract: to prolong in time and space.

Profound is the protractor. This plastic tool we use in school to draw circles and measure angles. By definition, it extends the shape from a point to a further point, not unlike any type of assistance you might get in the real world.

Most people know where they want to start, this point is clear. A lot of the time they know where they want to go to aswell. The tricky part is usually making a smooth transition without getting lost along the ay. That's why using the right tools or assistance is the best way to do it. The protractor, for example.

So what if the starting point is to realise a dream you have of being a writer, or an athlete, or a scientist? You know where you are, you know where you want to end up, but how do you make that smooth transition? You get help, you get educated, you get coaching. Someone or something guides you along that arc to your destination. So be open to allowing the metaphorical protractor in for a smooth and rounded transition, and you will be able to measure and celebrate your success at each point along the way.

Need a protractor?

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