Pass it on

One of the greatest feelings I have had by helping others get turning their dreams into reality is seeing them catch the creativity bug and fly for themselves. The first time I saw this was akin to a mother watching their child move out of home. I was more than happy to keep helping but I knew in my heart the nest thing was to let them have a go at doing it on their own.

Seeing clients find the confidence that they didn't think possible in the beginning and start to create their own content is magical. I made a difference. A visible one.

I don't know why people are afraid to be creative other than out of fear and doubt. Sometimes the pack mentality required to move ahead is liberating. Of course we all know the power we have within and what we can achieve by ourselves, yet positively influencing another and allowing yourself to be influenced can be a beautiful thing.

It is real. Creativity is contagious and I am passing it on. What will you pass on?


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