No one said it would be easy

And no one who has put in the effort ever will. No, it isn't easy, but it isn't always as hard as you imagine. Consider the alternative. What is the reward for doing nothing vs. the reward for taking action? What is the cost of doing nothing vs. the cost of taking action?

Usually the only thing you have to gain from not doing something is you get to do nothing. The cost of doing nothing is usually the potential loss of whatever you have to gain otherwise. It isn't painful. Well, not yet. Over time, the comfort of inaction starts to grow into discomfort. It mutates into dissatisfaction. And all the while you thought you had taken the easy path, life starts to become grim. At some point you are left with no choice but to take action.

Now, what difference would it make to take some action in the first place and save yourself the heartache? And how much better will it feel doing by your own choice and enthusiasm.

What if it doesn't turn out though? Well there is the actual easy part. Just take another action.


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