More than just a writer

I love to write. I love to tell a story, to invoke feeling from people, to be persuasive and expressive all at once.

When I was little I made an advertising business up and forced my cousin to work for me during the school holidays. The whole thing was make believe but it felt real and I loved creating concepts for 'clients' and taking their calls. My hone was a numeric puzzle and I had an old lever arch file full of paperwork to go with the product prototypes I had made.

In high school we used charts that mapped what skills we had to possible career choices. The career that popped out at me was 'Advertising Account Executive'. I had no idea what that was but I recalled my play business and assumed it was something similar. It wasn't until I watched Mad Men a few years ago that I truly understood what an advertising career actually was. The reason I was drawn to the title in the first place was that I thought it was both heavily linked to my writing skills and had a creative and artistic angle to it without sacrificing status and income.

I was born creative but I was also growing up under the poverty line so this combination of writing and art was something I could happily aspire to. Unfortunately the public school system doesn't ever really send you down a career path like Advertising Account Executive, nor does it even point you in its general direction. I had to work to earn an income straight out of school and I couldn't afford university so I was not easily going to follow this kind of career path. My career plans ended up as simple plans to survive.

What I have discovered on my journey so far has been that writing is so much more than putting words on a page. It's telling a story, evoking emotion, encouraging action and doing this with more than just words, but imagery, colour, sound and tone. I quickly discovered how ferocious my appetite was for creating and suddenly realised...I had so much more to offer people, that I was more than just a writer.

My favourite designing platforms so far are Spark and Canva.I make most of my social media posts with Canva but I like the simple nature of Spark for flyers.


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