Keep it Simple, Simon

Simple Simon met a pieman,

Going to the fair;

Says Simple Simon to the pieman,

Let me taste your ware.

Says the pieman to Simple Simon,

Show me first your penny;

Says Simple Simon to the pieman,

Indeed I have not any.

Who is the real simpleton? Simon or the pieman?

Simon loves pies, so much in fact that he has stopped the pieman on his way to a fair (he must be a homegrown organic kind of pieman). He asks the pieman for a pie. The stingy pieman refuses to give him a pie without being paid. Simon says he doesn't have any money on him, he doesn't carry cash (does anyone anymore?).

Because the pieman is going to the fair, we can assume he's not a commercial pie distributor. He gets the majority of his sales by word of mouth. Giving Simon a pie and his business card would've been priceless. Some say that food is the language of all people (I don't know if they do I've just made that up), so even if Simon is a simpleton, he is likely to go and tell his mates how good this pie was and maybe even tag and recommend the pieman on social media.

The real moral to this story is that pennies are bust. The real value is in making a difference to another human in some way, enough that they are likely to make a difference in someone else's day. All them good feels.

Keep it simple, Simon. Be generous with your pies.

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