Join me over the rainbow

I woke up sicker than yesterday. I have a fever and a cough and I'm still healing from surgery. I had lots of work to do for my day job including a teleconference and had to keep my word to myself to get my client posts up on social media. You'd think I'd be miserable.

Well I am not. I'm feeling wonderful. What's a bit of pain and fuss when your world is bright and full of hope and happiness. Daring to dream sounds like hard work, well that may be true, but it doesn't feel like hard work. "Well why oh why can't I?" you ask. No reason, other than you haven't made that choice yet. If you keep doing what you're doing then you'll keep getting what you're getting so if you want something different in your life, then do something different. Make a difference today and join me, over the rainbow.


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