It's not work if it's fun, right?

I want to work for myself.

Does this mean, I don't want a boss? I hate my job? I hate working set hours? Work is work and hours are hours and it doesn't matter if you are your own boss or not if you don't love what you do. I used to think it was a bit 'vomit in your mouth' kind of cliche to hear things like "find what you love and do that" and now I know it to be true. People actually do spend all day doing what they love, it doesn't mean its not hard work but it is incredibly rewarding and good for your mental health.

So if you love what you do so much then is it even work? Does it fit that definition anymore? I'm kind of starting to think that it is paid playtime, that you are just getting paid to have fun. Is this not every kids dream? Why does the world make the notion of giving up your 'secure' job to pursue your dreams so risky, scary and improbable. Why are we rewarded for pursuing boring careers for exchange of high salaries and bigger houses. That's not what life is about. We think that the bigger salary will make us happy when the things that inspire us make us happy and the big house becomes a redundant unnecessary waste of time.

The takeaway here is to listen to the cringe worthy fun preachers, because every day is an opportunity to make a difference in life and happiness is not a destination but a journey.


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