Imagine. Create. Succeed.

How amazingly true this is. Picture something in your head, something you'd like to do. It can be big, small, complicated or simple.

Now, think about what it would take for this to happen, what steps would you follow? What resources would you need to achieve your idea?

Now do it.

Here is where it gets exciting. Discard your idea of success. Let go of any expectations you have about what you have created should look like, or feel like, to yourself or anybody else. Consider that success is simply having taken the actions you decided needed to be taken to bring to life your idea.

You made something out of nothing but your own mind. You are some kind of wizard.

The act of creating something out of nothing is success itself. Keeping at this and surpassing your own expectations and limitations leads to what others perceive to be successful. All from a thought.

Think about it.


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