If not now, when?

Many people don't have the courage to start something new. I used to be one of them.

Like so many others, I have always romanticised about doing what I love all day, and even getting paid for it. Somehow this remained a dream that I never imagined would be possible, one day (maybe when I'm 'old') I thought, I would write a book. You know, like when I had nothing left to do I could sit down and do what I wanted to.

So what changed?

I was sitting in a development seminar and the facilitator asked the room a simple question. "If you could have breakthrough results like you had never seen before in any area of your life, what would that look like?". The people around me buzzed with inspiration yet I sat there frozen in time because I had absolutely zero idea.

On the drive home that night I justified my response by reassuring myself of how grateful I was for everything that I had in my life, that it was only difficult to come up with an area of life I would like to change because nothing needed to. I'm not sure how the next thought appeared but suddenly my eyes widened and the dark sky seemed to sparkle a little more than usual.

I am a writer. I have always been a writer. I just want to write!

All. The. Time.

Writing is my passion, it lights me up and it is how I make sense of the world. Writing is what I love, what I'm good at and what comes naturally to me. And so it was decided in that instant on that seemingly enchanted night.

It was time, because if not now, when?


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