Hustle Now

After a long initial recovery from surgery, it was back to the day job office today. Nice and slowly. It dawned on me how much I had achieved in the short few weeks I had been away. Woah....

I couldn't help but be sad for the apparent lack of free time to play in my new found sandpit of creativity but the change of scenery was good. My work became increasingly lack lustre and I realised I'd experienced a shift in my perspective, but I remained grateful for my job and still gave it my best as usual.

An early mark from work was needed to get my hunched, sore body home and as soon as I gingerly climbed into bed and pulled over my laptop, I was truly home, in more ways than one.

So my advice for anyone with a side hustle. Hustle Now! Before you are pulled back into reality, in the spaces of time that stretch between your routine commitments, keep going and you will reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams.


The Firelight Creative 🔥