How to live forever

I lost my mother in 2014 a few weeks after the birth of my son. The biggest lesson that came out of the loss was that life is precious. When I decided to breathe life into my passion for writing I was acutely aware of the legacy that being a successful writer or even just a published author would leave in the world. There is significance in being invited into people's worlds to tell your story. When I was going through my mother's belongings after she passed away I was saddened that she didn't leave any writing or memoirs. It felt very final and it was upsetting to know that in a few generations someone's true essence could be lost and forgotten.

Writing, then, is a wonderful opportunity to share life even after you've gone. The thought of leaving without anything unsaid fills me with hope and satisfaction. And as Andy Warhol said so poignantly "The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will".

I now knew that I didn't just want to be a business. I didn't want to swap having an employer for working for other people all day. I downloaded Scrivener and started researching writing my own novel. It won't happen over night but it WILL happen. I am filled with wonder and excitement over this possibility, each step of the way now is an achievement in itself.


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