From a hospital bed

I had abdominal surgery scheduled to repair a separation in my muscles. I had also just launched a business that would require momentum. So naturally, I burned the candle at both ends and set to work creating as many social media posts as possible and made sure I knew how to post them from my phone. In the week leading up to and the night before surgery I also worked furiously back and forth to deliver a flyer for a client who wanted to take printed copies interstate that week.

Following surgery, in a haze of pain and painkillers, I could barely move or concentrate long enough on anything before I needed to sleep again, but somehow the fire in me was glowing just enough for me to keep to one golden rule, 'One post everyday on each social media account'. I was beyond surprised with myself and a little frightened by how much I wanted this to work, unsure if I'd ever taken anything so seriously in my life.


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