First client meeting

Before I knew it I was asked to work on copywriting and other digital designs for a couples retreat to be held in Thailand next Summer. The clients wanted to meet for coffee to discuss the work. I felt laid bare, and all I could think of was how much I had no idea what I was doing!

Well, you will come to know that I am eternally a 'yes' person and will agree to almost anything then hurry away and find out how I can make it work. I started to furiously research copywriting, took a course in it in my 'spare time' and discovered the creative brief process. It wasn't unlike managing a project at work so I was relieved to feel comfortable with what lay ahead. This was going to be one of those 'fake it til you make it' kind of things.

I prepared my questions and cleared my mind, and on that now fateful day, I set off for my first face to face client meeting.

The meeting was AMAZING. I was in my element. I hardly needed to reference any of my prepared questions, I just organically knew what to do and what I would need to know to get the work done. I came home buzzing, shocked and unable to settle for many hours.*

The significance of creating something for someone other than myself was daunting and I found myself on a continual path of learning and discovery. A path I could happily walk along for my whole life.

*The clients, by the way gave me the most heartwarming feedback on my presence in the meeting, they knew that it was my first client meeting but acknowledged my professionalism and understanding, in turn filling them with confidence and excitement for their own project.


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