Fall in love over and over

There is a magic in going through your collection of photos of you, your friends, and your family. It evokes emotions and memories that make your life richer and your meaning deeper.

I was shocked and surprised when I felt this same way when looking over the content that I had created, like revisiting an old school book from my childhood, I could even recall what I was doing when I created some of the content. The same feelings occur when you have helped to create something out of nothing in collaboration with others, but of course you do, this is tangible confirmation of your existence and your potential legacy in the world.

I am not being trivial when I say that you can fall in love with content. When you have opened your soul, shared your passions and see a representation of that come to life, what else would you expect?

Fall in love with your content.


The Firelight Creative 🔥


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