Excellence is a collection of effort

Excellence is earned. We live in a world where sometimes 'excellence' is awarded to those that have not earned it because of who they are, who they know or where they come from. This is probably one of the biggest problems with the world, it breeds corruption, nepotism and unethical behaviour amongst those that are trusted.

True excellence cannot be given, bought or found. True excellence takes time, effort and commitment.

When I was young I did competitive athletics. I was never the fastest runner, or the most well rounded athlete; but I was always the athlete who earned the most personal improvement results each season.

Eventually I would go on to break a couple of records and outperform many of my peers in various events.

Moral of the story, I wasn't the best, but I tried my best consistently for such a long time that I became the best I could be, and I felt as if I was winning anyway. It sounds corny but its completely true.


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