Everything is impossible until it is done

Sometimes we don't understand why people are pursuing what they are pursuing. Sometimes we are in awe of how something was achieved. These human reactions are confusing, yet automatic. If results were certain , there would be less question about motives, but results aren't certain so we tend to stay on the safe side of seemingly risky pursuits.

When others achieve an outcome that we view as risky, then we feel either inspired, or unable to relate. The message here is that no-one really knows what they are talking about when they judge another, it is pointless to take into account what other people are thinking about what you are trying to achieve.

Work hard, commit, and follow through regardless of what you hear around you. Tune into to your own inner voice and when you emerge victoriously on the other side of your goals, you can look back and help those that follow in your footsteps. Welcome to leadership.


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