Curvy learning and feedback

Clients know what they want. It is usually looks something like the end result. Clients think they know what they need to get there but are hesitant, that's why they call you in the first place.

I love love love discovering what clients are trying to achieve and absorbing vibes, thoughts, feelings, desires and suggestions. I love asking questions which awaken an excitement within them and make for a buzzing and energetic consultation.

I love stumbling along and trying to do justice to all of this when I put pen to paper and fingertip to keyboard. But most of all I love feedback.

Feedback is like standing in a crowd full of people and recognising someone you know and can't wait to speak to. It's like getting phone reception after dancing around income remote location trying to gain an extra bar on your mobile. Feedback is the nectar of creation. All feedback is invaluable, like unearthing an Egyptian glyph puzzle, each piece is a clue to your next masterpiece. Positive feedback is wonderful and sometimes comes as a relief but can also be a little unnerving at times as you naturally feel self doubt and imposter syndrome style feelings. Negative feedback is gold. I don't like this powerfully strikes out a million dead ends in your productivity, it narrows your focus and gives you maniacal insight.

Positive feedback is a red herring for negative feedback, Negative feedback is a footprint in the direction of positive feedback, The feedback loop is surreal and is fantastic creative fuel and energy. So always seek feedback from clients and friends. Welcome it, invite it and embrace it and stoke your fire with it.

If your learning is not curvy, then it is not learning, for those who feel they already 'know' are those who suddenly have nothing at all. Knowing, then, is the lowest form of living, so keep discovering, keep learning and keep growing.


The Firelight Creative 🔥