Contingency creates seamless contribution​

After just one day back in the 'main hustle'/day job office I was booked on a flight interstate for career development. I was a little worried about travelling in my condition but welcomed the opportunity to get away from home where I had been incubating for a few weeks following surgery.

I noticed that I was more peaceful and contented than I usually am. Pursuing your dreams, no matter how small can really shift your way of being in the world. What would usually be quite uncomfortable and tiring was a new opportunity for growth.

I didn't have the right tools to smash out the content work for my side hustle but I had a plan. Dream, plan, they are basically the same thing you know. So I concentrated on the development and the recovery and nothing else. A break from routine was a good thing, because you can't hustle if you break yourself, right?

The plan is important, it builds contingency into your dreams. If you know what you will do when circumstances change then you are still on the path. If you don't know what you are doing, you risk straying and getting lost. If you can't do what you've been doing to achieve results, make sure you know what you will do instead, whether it be a smaller contribution or a larger one at a different time.

Be seamless. Plan ahead, before 'it' happens.


The Firelight Creative 🔥

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