Chocolate Freckle

A childhood treat in Australia is a chocolate 'milk dud' covered in sprinkles called 'hundreds and thousands' that is fondly named the 'chocolate freckle'. You could go down to the news agency with twenty cents, buy a handful of these bad boys, and eat them on the way home out of the iconic white paper lolly bag. As a ‘grown up‘ you can spare no expense and get a deluxe, overpriced version giant freckle from the chocolate shop at the airport. The nostalgia is that real.

I have a point. There is certain imagery that can help promote your cause. The viewer may not be able to pinpoint why they are drawn to it, or they may clearly understand the attraction. Either way, there are endless opportunities to brighten the day of someone who needs it by stirring up feelings of delight with your creative offerings. Listen to people's stories and keep a list of imagery.

Who will you delight? Let's make a list.


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