Book worms make law firms

Did you know that big law firms have enormous libraries, similar to what you would see at the public library? They also have a larger collection online. The art of law requires a lot of researching and endless reading.

Lawyers charge in six-minute intervals, hundreds or thousands of dollars for the best lawyers, for only six minutes. Do you know why? It's not because they are using your need for them. It's because the case they make and the notes they write are dripping with the power of knowledge, of precedents set in previous literature, or the ability to use words as powerful allies to mount a convincing case and make a difference to a person's life.

All because in order to gain their qualification, they were required to read the most epic amount or words you could possibly imagine. And that does not only apply to lawyers.

Some people, out of a love of reading, have read endless pieces of fiction. Some of these people go on to write their own books, and usually, these books are fantastic. They may have always had a talent for writing but by reading as much as they could in their lives, the richness and quality of the words they weave create magic in the minds of those that read them.

Writing is a superpower, and reading is the energy source. Plugin often, for the good of us all.

For any superheroes in training, I have the power to share.


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