Believe the impossible

I don't think there is such a thing as coincidence. I am constantly reminded that everything happens for a reason and has a purpose. Something magical happens to us when we believe. Something limitless becomes available to us when we allow it.

All of a sudden, impossible becomes a constraint we apply to others, to the people who can't and won't see what is possible for themselves. We feel like we are seperate, that we know a secret, that we are part of something special and greater than us. That is because we are.

Belief is available to everyone at every second of every day. Belief is a choice, a thought, a feeling. It is self confidence, it is pride, it is love, it is hope. But what about negative beliefs? I don't think this possible. Believing that something is not good is not a belief, it is surrender of hope, it is a lack of belief, it is an absence of love. Because even in the depths of despair, we see belief, and we see miracles. A miracle is nothing more than a lingering choice of belief.

Believe. Always.


The Firelight Creative 🔥