As they come, so shall they stay

A community begins with one member, that is you. It is tempting to want to throw open the gates and say anything you can to get people flooding in, whatever you do, don't do that. "Traffic" for no reason is exactly that. Each genuine community member is worth a thousand who are not.

Be clear on who you want to attract, what do they look like? What do they want out of life? When your first member arrives, honour them. Allow natural exclusivity occur, when new members arrive they will share this feeling together and reach out to people they know who are similar or are looking for something similar.

As the community public figure, you will initially spend some wonderful time greeting your new members, but at some point you will need to gracefully return to your now growing work to serve your community and allow your connections with members to come and go as needed.

Most importantly, share your love of the community, spread the word wide and often. The most rewarding part of building a community is making a difference to people's lives. Whether you are providing a service, a product, connection, entertainment or inspiration don't forget why you started in the first place, this is why your community started too.

The best way to share is content. If you are unsure of what content to create, follow your instincts while you build your community and when the time feels right, ask your invaluable members what they think, and as they come, so shall they stay.


The Firelight Creative 🔥